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Community members are expected to community rules in this information.
If severe complaints come up about a user, I should be contacted by email (thebeachgirl at gmail dot com)rather than complaining about the user in a comment or post to the community. Please allow up to one week for me to read and deal with the situation.

Thank you for your understanding. I expect you can all handle yourselves accordingly.
Kati (the mod)

This is a community for past, present and future ASU students (or simply anyone who is a fan of the Sun Devils) to congregate, discuss and disseminate any information tangentally related to the school that is so dear to our hearts.
This community serves ASU Main, East, West, and Downtown Center.

A few helpful ASU-related links:
The State Press is our university newspaper.
Where we live
ASU's academic calendar
azjournal The AZ Journal community is helpful for all things Arizona, and there is a large userbase.

Those interested in Dos Gringos can find a dedicated community for the home of the cheap Coronas here: dosgringos

If there are interests not listed that you would like to see, post in the journal, email the mod, or scream loudly in a computing hall on campus. (I just want to see someone do that someday.)

You may also be interested in other Arizona universities:
uawildcats is a community for our academic neighbors to the south.
nau_students is a place likely to have information about NAU.

A note from the moderator: My name is Kati, I graduated in Fall 2004, with a degree in Business and Mass Communication. I attended ASU for 4.5 years, and lived in the dorms, Adelphi Commons, and off campus, so I have pretty much seen and done it all in Tempe.

I am a fairly lenient mod.
-Please make entries relevant to ASU. This includes things in the immediate area that might be of interest to college students.
-DO NOT SPAM the community. Ask yourself how relevant your post is to ASU and the ASU community both here and in real life.
-Please keep images to 320x240 pixels or less, unless they are under a LJ cut.
-Please use common sense for long posts and use a LJ cut. If you don't know what a LJ cut is or how to use it, see the LJ FAQ pages.
-There are no political debates allowed unless they specifically involve ASU. This is a general rule for the entire community - posts MUST be ASU related.
-Name-calling of other community members, civic, government, and student leaders, etc. is not tolerated. -Other than that, my only other "thing" is that you should use basic common sense. This is not a journal to find fake ID's, weed, someone to buy you alcohol if you are under 21, porn, etc.
Keep it respectful and Sparky will respect you.

P.S. Just remember... we are more than just the Playboy #1 party school of the year... I drank too much to remember what else we are, but I am sure it's something.